Tour Etiquette

Following suggestions from members, the BCSV committee and safety officer Jason Lee (nee Blackman) have put together a list of common-sense suggestions for behaviour at our tours.

Group Shot at Sunbury Coaches in October 2015 (Mick Kane)

The vast majority of tour attendees act appropriately but unfortunately at times we had concerns regarding the behaviour of individuals.

Those attending tours agree to moderate their behaviour according to the advice below. The tours committee reserves the right to remove any person found to be in breach of our tour etiquette policy from the tour bus or depot premises, or prohibit them from attending future tours and events.

Attendees must also obey all relevant company rules at all times.


Attendees must be at the designated tour pick-up points prior to the departure time to ensure we can maintain our schedule for the day.
Those arriving by public transport should avoid tight connections.
We also ask that attendees return from lunch breaks ontime.
The tour organisers reserve the right to leave passengers behind who fail to arrive ontime.


Any directions given by tour organsisers, BCSV committee members or company staff must be followed at all times.
Do not wander yard on arrival – most visits start with a formal welcome.
Stick to designated paths where requested.

Cameras & hi-vis vests at the ready on our May 2017 tour (Michael Lancaster)

Hi-Vis Vests

BCSV policy is vests are now required for all tours on operators’ premises to ensure a consistent approach, regardless of size of operator or if depot is operational on the day.
A limited number of vests available on the day for those who forget their own.


No thongs, no open-toed footwear, no high heels, due to gravel yards and access to workshop areas.


Must use designated smoking areas at depots.
No smoking at bus stops (as per Victorian law).


Only to be consumed with meals (or evenings on overnight tours).
0.05 limit when onboard vehicles and in depot yards.
BYO not permitted.

Language & Behaviour

Keep language and behaviour family friendly – many BCSV tours attended by teenagers and older people who might be more sensitive/offended.
Minimise swearing.
Avoid sexual, homophobic or racist language or behaviour.
Likewise, clothing should not carry any offensive slogans or graphics.

M.A.N. SL200 Ansair Mk2s #272, #265, #268, #269 & #260 seen on a BCSV visit to Ventura’s Croydon Depot in 2011 (Neil Robins)


Take rubbish with you if no bins provided – respect the vehicles you travel on, and don’t make a mess at photo stops.

Photo Stops

To ensure members can take photos in efficient manner, observe photo lines and move aside once you have shot if in a cramped area.
Be mindful of traffic at on-road photo spots – general public are unaware what we are doing!
Avoid taking shots on the road – the kerb or median strip is a much safer choice.
Take extra care when crossing the road in front of the bus to avoid becoming a statistic.
Watch your back at all times and warn others who might get caught up in the moment.
Do not wander away from the photo stop without permission of the tour organsiers, or face being left behind! This includes taking unofficial food or toilet stops.

Dietary requirements

The society is happy to cater for dietary requests such as gluten free, allergies, vegetarian/vegan etc. with prior notice to

On the Mercedes O405 farewell tour, Ventura #492, CDCM Altona #83 & Ventura #521 (Alex Smith)


First drink included in fare, additional drinks charged at $1 each.
On hot days additional drinks are provided for free to ensure hydration.


A bottle of sunscreen is available for use by all tour attendees.
Tour attendees encouraged to bring hats and sunglasses as majority of day is outdoors.

Any feedback or suggestions regarding our tour etiquette policy should be directed to the BCSV safety officer, Jason Blackman, via email to

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