2014-07-27: Wyndham Enhancements

27 July 2014 saw new timetables introduced for numerous CDC Melbourne buses connecting at Werribee and Hoppers Crossing Stations.

Routes with timetable updates included:

  • 436 (Hoppers Crossing – Werribee)
  • 437 (Hoppers Crossing – Werribee)
  • 439 (Werribee – Werribee South)
  • 441 (Werribee – Westleigh Gardens)
  • 442 (Hoppers Crossing – Tarneit)
  • 443 (Werribee – South Ring Rd Loop)
  • 444 (Hoppers Crossing – Tarneit Loop)
  • 445 (Hoppers Crossing – Werribee)
  • 446 (Hopppers Crossing – Laverton via Werribee)
  • 447 (Werribee – Manor Lakes Shopping Centre)
  • 448 (Hoppers Crossing – Manor Lakes Shopping Centre via Werribee)
  • 449 (Werribee – Manor Lakes Shopping Centre

Updated Runtimes
New timetables saw extended runtimes, following continual growth, reduced speed limits on arterial roads and the relocation of the bus interchange at Werribee Plaza.

Better Train Connectivity in peaks
Peak services generally ran every 44 mins instead of every 40 mins, an attempt to harmonise with trains every 11 mins & to allow for longer trip durations.

Running a 444 loop in 2004, Westrans Werribee #95 (Mercedes Benz O405NH, ABM) at Hoppers Crossing (Peter Kane)

Routes 436, 437 & 444 continued to offer high frequencies in peak times, with a 33 min headway on Route 444, while the previous 20 min evening peak service on Routes 436 & 437 became a non-clockface 22 min headway.

Off-peak and weekend services remain at 40 min intervals, meeting 20 min trains.

New Sunday Services on 441 & 445
Hourly Sunday services were introduced on 441 & 445, with all bus services across Werrbee & surrounds operating Sundays for the first time.

Later Weeknight Buses
Routes 437, 444, 446 & 449 gained later trips, now finishing between 8:30pm & 9pm instead of 7:30pm (437 & 445 previously ceased around 6pm on weekends).

A later weeknight trip on 441 at 19:51 was also introduced, while 445 was extended to 9pm during the week

Wyndham Harbour & Werribee Park

Route 439 commenced serving the Wyndham Harbour development, although buses had been detouring via Duncans Rd since May 2014 due to roadworks.

Buses no longer operate a large loop around tour of market gardens in Werribee South, where little patronage was generated

Weekday shorts returning from Werribee Open Range Zoo & Werribee Mansion were off-set 20-40-20 mins, rather than the 13-47-13 min old pattern.

Route 445 Stopping Restrictions Lifted
Stopping restrictions on 445 have been removed, a quirk dating back to 2006 when the route was introduced independent of timetable changes on other routes, and intended to allow a single vehicle to do a round trip in a hour

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