2017: Route 530 in Fawkner

During February & March 2017 PTV undertook community consultation regarding planned changes to Broadmeadows Bus Service’s Route 530 (Coburg – Campbellfield) to improve coverage for residents living in the south-east pocket of Fawkner currently only served by an off-peak deviation.

Kastoria #74 (Mercedes Benz O500LE, Bustech) departs K-Mart Campbellfield on a 530 service to Coburg (16/11/2017) (Craig Halsall)

The local community was asked their preference of one of three options:

  1. Maintain status quo with off-peak deviation through south-east Fawkner
  2. Operate peak trips via off-peak deviation in south-east Fawkner
  3. Modify route via Queens Pde to improve directness and better peak coverage in south-east Fawkner. Fawkner Station no longer served, but passengers can still transfer from trains at Coburg, Merlynston or Gowrie.

Should there be community support, the preferred option will be implemented in the second half of 2017.

Associated downloads:
Route 530 options map
Route 530 Questions & Answers

Sourced from PTV ‘Get Involved’ page

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