MMTB liveries: 1940 to 1954

Examples of the Metropolitan Melbourne Tramways board fleet from 1940 to 1954, most scanned from annual reports of this era. It would appear that the famous crest first made its appearance with the first Martin and King bodied AECs delivered in March 1953.

MMTB #142, a drop-ender or rear platform entrance bus, from 10/1940, with MMTB body on a Leyland Tiger RTS8c chassis. (MMTB annual report)

Also from around 1940 is #244, a Leyland TitanTD5c with Martin and King bodywork – others had Lawton or Cheetham and Borwick or the imported prototype with a Leyland body. (MMTB annual report)

After the war, #430, a Leyland OPS1 of early 1949 with Commonwealth Engineering body work. (MMTB annual report)

Soon after, in 1950, a Commonwealth Engineering bodied Leyland OPS4. (MMTB annual report)

#553, a AEC Regal Mark III, this one with Martin and King bodywork of 7/1953 and sporting the MMTB crest and with a cream (rather than silver) roof and band. (MMTB annual report)

A rare colour photo of an Leyland OPS1 built by the MMTB’s Preston Workshops, #366 (Public Records Office)

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