Panorama #16, #37 & #41: Route 343

Panorama #37 (M.A.N. 18.320, MCV “Elite C-130”) on the first day of the new route 343 service, seen at Diamond Creek Station Bus Interchange. (19/6/2017) (Bradley Matthews)

On 19 June 2017, Panorama (Dineen Group) introduced a new Route 343 service between Greennsborough & Hurstbridge via St Helena and Diamond Creek.

The service, operated by the Dineen Group’s Panorama operation, was initially designed to provide residents of the outer suburb Diamond Creek and the townships Wattle Glen and Hurstbridge additional public transport links, which are not achievable due to the current single track (with passing loops) beyond Greensborough.

Operating weekdays only, Route 343 departs at 20 min intervals during the peaks and every 40 mins interpeak. The PM peak is followed by 40 and 70 min gaps with the last departure leaving Greensborough at 2056.

Three 2017 deliveries in PTV livery have received special decals to promote the service, similar to the liveries worn by buses on the 201 & 301 university shuttle routes. The buses are #16 (M.A.N. 19.320, Volgren “Optimus”) and #37 # 41 (MAN 18.320, MCV “Elite C-130”)

At Diamond Creek on day 1, Panorama #16 (M.A.N. 19.320, Volgren “Optimus”) runs Route 343 (19/06/2017) (Bradley Matthews)

Departing Greensborough for Hurstbridge, Panorama #16 (M.A.N. 19.320, Volgren “Optimus”) (19/06/2017) (Craig Halsall)

Seen at the end of the morning peak at Greensborough, Panorama #41 (M.A.N. 18.320, MCV “Elite C-130”) (19/6/2017) (Craig Halsall)

Rear view of decals promoting Route 343, as seen on Panorama #41 (M.A.N. 18.320, MCV “Elite C-130”) at Greensborough (19/6/2017) (Craig Halsall)



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