PTV Local Area Maps: Brimbank

City of Brimbank

Suburbs that form part of the CIty of Brimbank municipality in north-western Melbourne include Albanvale, Albion, Ardeer, Cairnlea, Calder Park, Deer Park, Delahey, Derrimut, Kealba, Keilor, Keilor Downs, Keilor Lodge, Keilor North, Keilor Park, Kings Park, St Albans, Sunshine, Sunshine North, Sunshine West, Sydenham and Taylors Lakes. Parts of Brookyln, Hillside, Keilor East and Tullamarine also fit within the municipal boundaries.


Following the launch of the Metlink brand across Melbourne in 2004, pocket-sized guides with multi-modal network maps were distributed to households around Melbourne. 31 different editions are available, one for each municipality. The maps often include suburbs adjoining municipal boundaries.

Each map is drawn by the experts at Melway. The original versions had all bus services colour-coded orange, which made it difficult to read for areas with numerous overlapping bus services, such as Manningham or Greater Dandenong. These were reissued again in June 2005, correcting various errors in the original versions.

In September 2007 the first maps were sighted in a new full-colour format, making the bus network much easier to decipher. These maps would gradually appear for most municipalities over the next couple of  years, with the map for Mornington Peninsula Shire finally coming online in April 2011. PTV have continued to issue these maps since the April 2012 rebrand.

These maps effectively superseded the former fold-out Melbourne-wide Public Transport Map, however printed editions have not been issued since 2011, other than in brochures for major network changes. A new-style printed format has since been seen for the “Melbourne By Bus” marketing campaign.

Below we have uploaded various editions issued for City of Brimbank, however we stress this is not a complete set by any means. Where possible, we have noted the reason(s) for the updated map.



Brimbank – November 2012 (PDF)

November 2012 changes:

  • 454 (Sunshine – Sunshine West) realigned along Ralph St & Callaway Bvd to improve local coverage in Sunshine West

Brimbank – July 2014 (PDF)

July 2014 changes:

  • 219 (Sunshine Park – Gardenvale) – Sunshine Park section deleted, due to overlaps with 903 SmartBus. Saturday afternoon and Sunday trips no longer operate to Sunshine West – replaced by 428 and redundant with 471 operating 7 days a week (since February 2008)
  • 408 (Highpoint – St Albans) – rerouted along Novara Pde in St Albans East & Berkshire Rd in Sunshine North
  • 418 (St Albans – Caroline Springs via Keilor Plaza) now direct between St Albans and Keilor Downs Plaza via Alfrieda & Albert Sts, replacing parts of 421. Kealba now served by 421
  • 419 (St Albans – Watergardens via Sunshine Ave) now operates via Taylors Lakes to Watergardens, with 421 now serving Keilor Lodge
  • New 420 (Sunshine – Watergadens) “connector” service along Glengala Rd in Sunshine West, Station Rd in Deer Park & Kings Rd in Delahey. Replaces parts of 454 in Sunshine West and 451 in Deer Park North whilst providing new north-south link
  • 421 (St Albans – Watergardens via Keilor Plaza) rerouted via Kealba to replace 418 and Keilor Lodge to replace 419. Keilor Plains Station now served after Keilor Plaza
  • 422 (St Albans – Delahey) discontinued, with changes to 424 & 425 maintaining coverage in Kings Park and Delahey
  • 423 (St Albans – Brimbank Central Plaza) now operates through Deer Park North, replacing the northern portion of 451. No longer operates in side streets in the vicinity of the Victoria Uni St Albans campus
  • 424 (St Albans – Brimbank Central Plaza) more direct along Main Rd West in Kings Park
  • 425 (St Alabns – Watergardens via Delahey) alignment changes in both Kings Park and Delahey, incorporating withdrawn 422 & portions of 424
  • New 427 (Sunshine – Sunshine West) replacing 451 on Forrest St, Ardeer and maintaining coverage in neighbourhoods where 454 was withdrawn
  • New 428 (Sunshine – Sunshine West) replacing south-west end of 454 and improving coverage along The Avenue, Sunshine West. Also incorporated former weekend deviation of 219 to Sunshine West.
  • 454 (Sunshine – Sunshine West) replaced by new 420, 427 & 428 services
  • 460 (Watergardens – Caroline Springs) now only operates via Hillside at school times, otherwise direct along Melton Hwy. 476 extended through eastern Hillside
  • 476 (Moonee Ponds – Hillside) rerouted through eastern Hillside, with 460 now serving Melton Hwy

Brimbank – June 2015 (PDF)

June 2015 changes:

  • 420 (Sunshine – Waergardens) now operates via Brimbank Central Plaza bus interchange, improving acesss to centre and interchange opportunities to 423 & 424
  • Opening of Regional Rail Link via Tarneit and Wyndham Vale, with Geelong Line trains re-routed

Brimbank – January 2016 – version 2 (PDF)

January 2016 changes:

  • 476 (Moonee Ponds – Hillside) now diverts via Keilor Cemetery on selected trips
  • New Night Bus 941 (City – Watergardens) along Sunshine Ave, serving Kealba and Keilor Downs
  • Night Bus 942 (City – St Albans) no longer operates direct along Ballarat Rd on inbound journeys
  • Night Bus 943 (Deer Park – Melton) revamped to meet Night Trains at Watergardens and provide new overnight coverage through Hillside and Caroline Springs

Brimbank – June 2017 (PDF)

October 2016 changes:

  • 423 (St Albans – Brimbank Central Plaza) altered to run past relocated Ginifer Station on westbound services

June 2017 changes:

  • Opening of new St Albans Station bus interchange off St Albans Rd, replacing rudimentary stops on Alfrieda St for Routes 408, 418, 419, 421 & Night Bus 942. Route 425 (St Albans – Watergardens) also moved to eastern side of station but not reflected on map

Brimbank – October 2017 (PDF)

October 2017 changes:

  • 422 (Sunshine – Brimbank Central Plaza) reintroduction of a direct Sunshine link from Deer Park North, replicating the former 451 service discontinued in July 2014

Brimbank – November 2017 (PDF)

November 2017 changes:

  • 216 (Caroline Springs – Brighton Beach) truncated at Sunshine, with 426 introduced west of Sunshine
  • 426 (Sunshine – Caroline Springs Town Centre) – new service replacing the western section of 216 including an extension from Rockbank Middle Rd to Caroline Springs Town Centre. Off-set with 456, providing a frequent 7 day corridor along Ballarat Rd, co-ordinated with trains at Albion

Brimbank – November 2019 (PDF)

May 2018 changes:

  • 400 (Sunshine Laverton) now operates into Ravenhall Correction Centre. Interim stop previously installed on Riding Boundary Rd on 17/12/2017 – NOT UPDATED ON MAP

May 2019 changes:

  • 426 (Sunshine – Caroline Springs Town Centre) realigned along newly opened section of Westwood Dr, Burnside Heights – NOT UPDATED ON MAP

November 2019 changes:

  • Western halves of 216 (Sunshine – City / Alfred Hospital – Brighton Beach) & 219 (Sunshine South – City / Alfred Hospital – Gardenvale) corridor along South Rd, Essex St and Dynon Rd consolidated as 216
  • 429 (Sunshine – Sunshine South) replaced outer portion of 219, co-ordinated with trains at Sunshine

Brimbank – July 2020 – version 2 (PDF)

June 2020 changes:

  • 477 (Moonee Ponds – Broadmeadows) now travels via Essendon Fields Shopping Centre & business precinct – NOT UPDATED ON MAP
  • 484 (Broadmeadows – Roxburgh Park) loops via Haddon Hall Dr to improve coverage in Attwood – NOT UPDATED ON MAP

July 2020 changes:

  • New 463 (Watergardens – Hillside) replacing 476 west of Watergardens
  • New 469 (Moonee Ponds – Keilor East) replacing former Route 501 via Strathmore Heights and Airport West into Niddrie and the Keilor East section of Route 475, removing the loop operation and introducing a bus service along Valley Lake Bvd
  • 475 (Moonee Ponds – Keilor East) – service deleted, replaced by 476 through Essendon West and 469 through Keilor East
  • 476 (Moonee Ponds – Plumpton) truncated at Watergardens. 463 replaced western quarter. Diverted through Essendon West to replace eastern section of former 475
  • 501 (Moonee Ponds – Niddrie) deleted, incorporated into new 469
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