PTV Local Area Maps: Melton

City of Melton

Suburbs that form part of the Melton municipality in Melbourne’s outer western suburbs include Aintree, Bonnie Brook, Brookfield, Burnside, Burnside Heights, Caroline Springs, Cobblebank, Deanside, Exford, Fraser Rise, Fieldstone, Grangefields, Harkness, Kurunjang, Melton, Melton South, Melton West, Plumpton, Ravenhall, Rockbank, Strathtulloh, Taylors Hill, Thornhill Park and Weir Views, It also includes parts of Diggers Rest, Eynesbury, Hillside and Truganina along with the rural localities of Mount Cottrell and Parwan.


Following the launch of the Metlink brand across Melbourne in 2003, pocket-sized guides with multi-modal network maps were distributed to households around Melbourne. 31 different editions are available, one for each municipality. The maps often include suburbs adjoining municipal boundaries.

Each map is drawn by the experts at Melway. The original versions had all bus services colour-coded orange, which made it difficult to read for areas with numerous overlapping bus services, such as Manningham or Greater Dandenong. These were reissued again in June 2005, correcting various errors in the original versions.

In September 2007 the first maps were sighted in a new full-colour format, making the bus network much easier to decipher. These maps would gradually appear for most municipalities over the next couple of years, with the map for Mornington Peninsula Shire finally coming online in April 2011. PTV have continued to issue these maps since the April 2012 rebrand.

These maps effectively superseded the former fold-out Melbourne-wide Public Transport Map, however printed editions have not been issued since 2011, other than in brochures for major network changes. A new-style printed format has since been seen for the “Melbourne By Bus” marketing campaign.

Below we have uploaded various editions issued for City of Manningham, however we stress this is not a complete set by any means. Where possible, we have noted the reason(s) for the updated map.

Melton – July 2014 (PDF)

July 2014 changes:

  • 418 (St Albans — Caroline Springs) rerouted via Arthur & Alfriedia Sts, replacing parts of 421
  • 419 (St Albans — Watergarens via Sunshine Ave) rerouted via Taylors Lakes Secondary College instead of Keilor Lodge, which was now served by 421
  • Introduction of new direct 420 (Sunshine — Watergardens via Brimbank Central) incorporating catchments of former routes 422, 451 & 454
  • 421 (St Albans – Watergardens via Keilor Downs Plaza) rerouted via Kelba & Keilor Lodge to replace parts of 418 & 419 which were both streamlined
  • 422 (St Albans –  Delahey) discontinued, with route changes to 425 in Kings Park & Delahey covering former sections
  • 423 (St Albans – Brimbank Central Plaza via Cairnlea) now operates via Deer Park North, replacing the removed section of 451. It has also no longer operates in side streets in the vicinity of the Victoria Uni St Albans campus.
  • 424 (St Albans – Brimbank Central Plaza via Albanvale) made more direct along Main Rd West
  • 425 (St Albans – Watergardens via Delahey) rerouted to incorporate parts of former 422 in Kings Park & Delahey
  • Introduction of 427 (Sunshine — Sunshine West via Forrest St) replacing parts of 451 & 454
  • Introduction of 428 (Sunshine — Sunshine West via Wright St) replacing part of 454, a weekend extension of 219 and improving coverage
  • 451 (Sunshine — Deer Park North) replaced by sections of 420, 423 & 427
  • 454 (Sunshine — Sunshine West) replaced along Glengala Rd by 420 with other sections covered by new 427 & 428 local routes
  • Hillside section of 460 (Watergardens — Caroline Springs via Goulray Rd) replaced by rerouted 476 other than school deviation
  • 476 (Moonee Ponds —Hillside) rerouted via eastern Hillside to replace 460
  • 500 (Broadmeadows — Sunbury) deleted to avoid overlap with 901 east of Melbourne Airport and streamline the 479 (Moonee Ponds Sunbury) timetable to hourly
Melton – January 2017 (PDF)

January 2017 changes:

  • Opening of Caroline Springs Station (V/Line)
  • 460 (Watergardens — Caroline Springs via Goulray Rd) extended to serve Caroline Springs Station
  • 461 (Watergardens — Caroline Springs via Hume Dr) extended to serve City Vista Ct in Plumpton South (now known as Fraser Rise)
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