Ventura: White LED Mobitec desto retrofits

Ventura #34 (Volvo B10BLE, Volgren “CR221L”) at Dandenong Depot (24/10/2016) (Matthew Scambler)

Since mid 2016, Ventura has been undertaking a program to retrofit white LED Mobitec destos to their fleet, generally to replace defective units.

Below is a list of those buses done so far:

Capel Sound (Rosebud) Depot:
#1268 (Optare Solo)
#1269 (Optare Solo)
#1270 (Optare Solo)

Croydon Depot:
#928 (Scania K230UB, Custom Coaches “CB60 Evo II”)
#962 (Scania K230UB, Custom Coaches “CB60 Evo II”) – front only
#963 (Scania K230UB, Custom Coaches “CB60 Evo II”)

Dandenong Depot:
#78 (Volvo B10BLE, Volgren “CR221L”)
#116 (Volvo B10BLE, Volgren “CR221L”)
#253 (Mercedes Benz O500LE, Volgren Malaysia “CR228L”)
#517 (Mercedes Benz O405NH, Volgren “CR221L”)
#8228 (Mercedes Benz O500LE, Volgren “CR228L”)

Ivanhoe Depot:
#1079 (Iveco Metro 17.215, Volgren “CR228L”)
#1080 (Iveco Metro C260, Volgren “CR228L”)
#1082 (Iveco Metro C260, Volgren “CR228L”)

Knoxfield Depot:
#719 (Dennis Dart SLF, Geelong Coachworks)
#873 (Scania L94UB, Custom Coaches “CB60 C-Max”)

Moorabbin Depot:
#595 (Mercedes Benz O500LE, Volgren Malaysia “CR228L”)
#610 (Volvo B7RLE, Volgren Malaysia “CR228L”)

Pakenham Depot:
#100 (Scania L94UA, Volgren “CR224L”)
#187 (Mercedes Benz O405NH, Volgren “CR221L”)
#190 (Scania L94UA, Volgren “CR224L”)
#215 (Mercedes Benz O500LE, Volgren Perth “CR228L”)
#278 (Mercedes Benz O500LE, Volgren Malaysia “CR228L”)
#645 (Volvo B7RLE, Volgren Malaysia “CR228L”) – rear only
#648 (Volvo B7RLE, Volgren Malaysia “CR228L”) – front only

Seaford Depot:
#439 (Scania L94UB, Volgren “CR224L”)
#440 (Scania L94UB, Volgren “CR224L”)

Rail Replacement Reserve Fleet:
#34 (Volvo B10BLE, Volgren “CR221L”)
#185 (Mercedes Benz O405NH, Volgren “CR221L”) – ex Pakenham Depot

Thanks to Matt Arztenhofer for his regular reports!

Shortly being receiving a new White LED desto, Ventura #190 (Scania L94UA, Volgren “CR224L”) completes an afternoon school run at Fountain Gate (17/11/2016) (Bradley Matthews)

Now sporting a White LED desto from Mobitec, Ventura #190 (Scania L94UA, “Volgren CR224L”) makes an unusual appearance on Route 841 at Cranbourne (21/3/2017) (Craig Halsall)

Ventura #1270 (Optare Solo) has just completed its inaugural trip, doing a lunchtime Route 886 to Rosebud TAFE (3/6/2016) (Craig Halsall)

Running a Route 787 service along Bimble St, Rye, Ventura #1270 (Optare Solo) after having a white LED desto fitted. (8/11/2016) (Craig Halsall)

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